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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Become an organized cook- Step 1

I've had many inquires as to how I go about making my three-month calendar. I think I'm a pretty good cook, I like all my food but more importantly, my family and husband like it too. But a lot of people are good cooks. My strong point is the organized part. The whole point of me starting this blog was to help others become more organized with meal planning. I know a lot of people really dislike doing this.

So over the next month or so I'm going to give you tips or steps to follow to creating a meal plan. Once you get the hang of it, its actually quite easy.

First step:
  • Write down a list of all the meals your family enjoys eating. The ones you cook regularly, and the ones you might not use so regularly. Don't include any that you want to try or that you haven't cooked by yourself.

1 comment:

Heidi and Rich said...

Yeah - thanks for doing this. I look forward to getting better organized. Each month I have to rack my brain to get a meal calendar done. I am excited to hear how you do this.